Looking North, Listening South


Looking North, Listening South

from 18.00

In 1865, James Clerk Maxwell published his masterpiece on electromagnetic theory. It would take another 20+ years before the first substantive experiment was conducted validating new predictions of the theory. Nearly 85 years afterward, radio astronomy really started to blossom, using equipment that relies on that same electromagnetic theory. And here is a site that helps us to explore the universe via its electromagnetic emissions! The Very Large Array, near Magdalena, New Mexico, takes the ideas a step further by synthesizing a very large telescope through multiple collectors arranged over a large spatial area.

Today, I get to tinker with the 21st century hardware that relies fundamentally on that same theory. So, thank you, Maxwell!

Night sky photography is only permitted at the Very Large Array in conjunction with the Festival of the Cranes or by special arrangements accompanied by four or five figure fees. I'll let you figure out which one I took part in! Personally, I was pretty struck by the way the Pleiades stand out so clearly in the lower right of the sky, and how the disk of M31 Andromeda is faintly visible near the top of the image. Cheers

Made from 20 light frames (captured with a Canon camera) by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.6.4. Algorithm: Median

Photos, metals, and canvas printed and shipped by ProDPI.

Metals printed on aluminum with white base and gloss finish.

Canvas printed on 400GSM white poly-cotton canvas with 1.5” gallery wrap.

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