Collecting Light


Collecting Light

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Digital cameras collect light from the visible spectrum, extending into the infrared (400-800 nm give or take). The collectors in this image sample the radio frequency spectrum (about 1 to 30 cm). But we're both looking up, curious about and drawn to what is out there! 

My instrument isn't nearly so useful scientifically, but its products still compell me to freeze my tail off and lose some sleep. The waxing crescent moon is both assistant, lighting up the landscape, and nuisance, creating flare in my lens. I hope my electronics--all internal to the camera, but not deliberately shielded from emission--presented no such interferrence for my more sophisticated fellow observers. 


Made from 17 light frames (captured with a Canon 70D camera, 14 mm, f2.8 Rokinon, 10s, at ISO 3200) by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.6.4. Algorithm: Median

Photos, metals, and canvas printed and shipped by ProDPI.

Metals printed on aluminum with white base and gloss finish.

Canvas printed on 400GSM white poly-cotton canvas with 1.5” gallery wrap.

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